Thrive in your veterinary career, combat burnout, and realign your life with this expert guide!

You’re Gonna Get Peed On!

How Veterinarians Can Keep Their Dream Job from
Becoming a Nightmare While Working Less and Earning More

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Your patients may be adorable dogs and fluffy kittens, but even the cutest of job perks don’t lessen the stress of your veterinary career.

Between the never-ending stream of appointments, constant decision-making, and empathy exhaustion, the reality of your once-dream job may feel more like a nightmare. The truth is, sustaining a career as a veterinarian is hard to do when you’re stuck in survival mode. You treat all your clients and their adorable furry creatures with love, compassion, and gratitude. Now, it’s time to care for the most important patient—yourself.

In You’re Gonna Get Peed On, Dr. Michael Bugg, DVM, shares smart solutions for the personal and financial struggles that no one warned you about in vet school. With this guide of practical advice and insights from veterinarians pulled from his popular podcast, The Veterinary Project Podcast, get ready to take back control from veterinary burnout and realign your life for ultimate joy and financial abundance—both inside and outside of the clinic.

You’ll discover

  • 2 animals that can boost your self-worth and free you from negative perfectionist thinking.
  • How to foster burnout-busting resilience and develop the good habits needed for a sustainable veterinary career.
  • Mindfulness for handling unexpected career trajectories and pivoting toward new business opportunities (veterinary or otherwise!).
  • 7 core values to tame the Money Mindset Drain and achieve financial independence as a veterinarian.
  • Passive income and real estate investing ideas—so you can experience more abundance with less hours at the clinic.

The pathway to improve your well-being and get out of veterinarian survival mode starts with your personal development and approach to finances. Read You’re Gonna Get Peed On and rediscover the career, fulfillment, and abundance that you deserve.

About The Author

Dr. Michael Bugg, DVM, is a full-time real estate investor and veterinarian with over a decade of clinical experience in veterinary medicine. After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, he practiced as a mixed-animal veterinarian before shifting to a small-animal general practice.

Like many of his colleagues, Michael struggled with the unique demands of veterinary clinical practice. Overwhelmed and burned-out, he often felt as if his career was spiraling into a nightmare. He struggled to get ahead financially despite the long hours he spent at the clinic. His entire life was impacted by his career stress—so much so that his wife gave him the moniker Miserable Mike. This, along with working amid the early 2000’s financial crisis and witnessing once-retired veterinarians picking up shifts, motivated Michael to take back control of his life.

In 2012, Michael and his wife, Rosalie, began building their real estate portfolio while working in their respective careers. Eventually, this real estate portfolio allowed Michael to cut back his veterinary hours to part-time. In 2018, he decided to take the leap into real estate investing full-time and explore new ways to be a part of the veterinary community.

Michael believes that the greatest way veterinarians can combat burnout is by taking charge of their personal finances and aligning every aspect of their lives with their veterinary vision. He is the cofounder and cohost of The Veterinary Project podcast, which aims to help other veterinarians thrive in their careers and intentionally design more joyful, fulfilling lives. Michael lives with his wife, Rosalie, daughter, Riley, and son, Ethan, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Learn more here.