About Michael Bugg

I grew up on a farm in western Saskatchewan where getting off the school bus meant it was time to do chores and play with the animals. Working hard and the entrepreneurial spirit came naturally to me (just ask the teachers I’d sell corn and pumpkins to).


Eventually, I headed off to university and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. At this point in time, I had life figured out. I’d play with cats and cows all day, save a portion of my pay cheque, and be set financially. This is when the real learning in life began.

I found myself very frustrated in the gap between how I thought my financial future would unfold and how it was actually unfolding. Additionally, I watched other very hard-working and successful veterinarians struggling financially. This set me on a path to learn everything I could about personal finance and investing.

I was on a mission to take back control of my time. I knew that I was trapped by the stethoscope. In 2010 I bought my first investment property, in 2012 I bought my first rental property, and in 2018 I bought my first entire apartment building. 2018 was also the year I hung up the stethoscope.

I am now a full-time real estate investor and spend most of my time inspiring others to get intentional about their life. I’ll often joke that I am a lifestyle design expert that just happens to use real estate investing as my primary tool. I believe that we all have the ability to design our life.